About Me

Hello! My my name is Robin Ortryd.

Since my dad brought home a Super Nintendo when I was little I’ve been completely hooked on games. I am now a father myself and I love to play with my son as my father played with me and my brother.

Making games have also been a huge interest to me, or honestly to create stuff in general whether that be a game, a drawing or a racing drone. Because of this I’ve been experimenting with game making through all stages of my life and always enjoyed everything.

When I play games then I mostly enjoy playing with other people and mainly co-operative games. I play a lot with friends but I mostly play games with my son. When we play, we play everything from Minecraft to Turtles in time (Awesome game). He is into a lot of competetive games also so Rocket League is probably the game that I play the most at the moment.